Thursday, March 18, 2010

She's All That

'She's all that' is one of my favourite teen chick flicks - ever. yes it was the basis of the film 'not another teen movie' but i stand by it. it takes me back to my childhood and always makes me happy. i was watching it the other day and still love it as much as always and far out freddie prince jr and rachel leigh cook made an amazing couple. anyway i'm currently blogging when i should be packing and finishing uni work because i'm going to melbourne tomorrow yay! i can't wait.


  1. thats so weird...i was just talking today about how i wanted to watch this movie again.

  2. haha great minds.. you should get on it soon! :)

    p.s we sell stylestalker at sooki where i work and i love it! amazing dresses and tops xx

  3. Thanks honey!

    We love you here in the office! ADELAIDE LOVE ;)


  4. aw that's so sweet! thanks! i'll be keeping an eye out for more of your designs and your blog xxx

  5. i love tis movie, it is one of my favorites(l) freddy is so ouawouuuuuuuu :p

    Kisses from France

  6. so funny you should post this!!
    i hired it out from video ezy yesterday!
    ohh paul walker with foils...i'd go with you to the prom anyday.