Thursday, June 3, 2010


These were taken on my 19th Birthday

Today is the 3rd of June, preeeetty sure if i do the math, that means this is my last month of being a teenager. I should really be excited to reach my 20s, but as much as i hate to admit, I'm a bit sad. Teenage life is the best, I know nothing will really change... but it's a big birthday I think! I'm going to embrace this last month :) and no i'm not dreading my birthday, when it comes I'll be soo excited like always, I've just been thinking lately about it and how fast time flies.


  1. oh god i cant imagine what it must be like to no longer be a teenager :s

  2. me either... will soon find out! :| haha x

  3. lovely photos :) so pretty! i'm only in my second year of being a teen, it's fun! enjoy the rest of your weekend ♥